The Macarons

Created as a haven for the macaron lovers, "The Macarons" is a little of the beaten track on the quiet street in the 13 arrondissement; it cultivates the air of a country brasserie.


At "The Macarons" we not just bake macarons, we create them! Our colorful " little love" as we call them are corn-syrup free and free of artificial flavorings. A perfect accompaniment to an afternoon tea or coffee as well as a sophisticated dessert when entertaining at home. We are well know for our stylish wedding favours and centerpieces.


Great efforts is made to create our delicious macarons from the highest quality ingredients. Pure Belgian chocolate, pure white chocolate, handmade caramels and lemon curd are the few of the reasons why we recommend you to taste our heavenly macarons.

We offer a complimentary tasting session every Friday, and also if you book with us in advance, we give you our special "The Macarons" coffee mugs for free